Vocabulary Mastery

Vocabulary Quiz – Why should learners take it?

Welcome to phase 2 of vocabulary building: Mastery via Vocabulary Quiz. Once you score at least 5 points on a new word and correctly answer 70% of its random questions in a few vocabulary quizzes, Vocab Builder affirms that you master the word and move it to Vocabulary Mastery Book. In short, the quick answer on why you need to take vocabulary quizzes is to improve both memory and confidence. However, the benefits of vocabulary quizzes for vocabulary learners go far beyond that.

Benefits of Vocabulary Quiz

  1. Vocabulary Quiz helps retain words in memory.
  2. Correct quiz answers motivate learning.
  3. Mastered word count tracks your learning milestones.
  4. Vocabulary quiz scores build self-confidence. You can retake unlimited quizzes to get your expected daily quiz score.
  5. Quizzes do recall how to apply new words in contexts.
  6. Quiz Review gives you an extra chance to catch the correct meanings of missed words.
  7. After taking quizzes, you can identify gaps in knowledge and focus on top-missed words.
  8. Taking vocabulary quizzes is a way to practice for English exams.

Still lazy? Want more reasons?

  1. Quizzes are free. So is the Vocab Builder app.
  2. Quiz scores are private and stored anonymously. No one knows your scores.
  3. You can improve daily quiz scores by taking quizzes again and again.
  4. After taking a vocabulary quiz, you can check your daily performance against other global learners.

How to get the most benefits from Vocabulary Quiz?

  1. Build words with practical sample contexts while reading as guided.
  2. Don’t cram a random word list.
  3. Read questions and sample contexts carefully.
  4. Review Learning Vocab Book before taking quizzes.
  5. Take at least a quiz daily.
  6. Review top-missed words before retaking Vocabulary Quiz.
  7. Do retake quizzes until you reach your expected score (ex: 70%).
  8. Relax. Imagine you are playing quizzes!
  9. Check your milestones in Missions.
Vocabulary Quiz
Master words via daily vocabulary quizzes

Regardless of how many new words you look up to KNOW their meanings, you never know if you indeed OWN them until you pass vocabulary mastery.

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