English Vocabulary Builder App

English Vocab Builder App
  • Vocab Builder – a free offline English vocabulary builder app created by Denalivo Self-Improvement Apps to improve English vocabulary through daily reading context
  • Primary Goals
    • help readers to improve their English vocabulary for long-term usage
    • provide a deterministic mechanism for learners to reach their learning goals at no cost
  • Vocab Builder walks readers/users through a 3-phase process of building vocabulary for long-term memory
    1. Reading: read to build a vocabulary list from an online reading text
    2. Mastering: learn to pass mastery quizzes
    3. Reinforcement: verify long-term memory by weekly test.
  • The app targets readers of all ages, nationalities, and native languages for any learning purpose.
  • All lexical data in Vocab Builder are derived from WordNet 3.0, A Lexical Database for English, created by a research group at Princeton University.

Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.

Build strong English Vocabulary in 3 phases

  • While reading, highlight any unknown word and its surrounding context & SHARE to Vocab Builder for quick meanings.
  • Save after lookup to add new words to Learning Vocab Book
  • Read one article daily to build vocab effectively.

Vocab Builder Look-up Shortcut

  • Review & track daily learning trends, vocabulary, and progress
  • Learn new vocabulary in Learning Vocab Book to pass mastery quizzes
  • Take daily quizzes to master a desired number of new words per day.
  • Repeat quizzes to boost memory.


  • Review mastered vocabulary in Archived Library for the weekly long-term memory test
  • Don’t forget to apply mastered words in daily usage. Your mastered vocabulary will be tested weekly!
  • Relearn identified forgotten/top-missed words to pass mastery quiz again

Verify Long-term Memory by Weekly Test

Tutorial – How to build a word list with practical sample contexts

How to build English vocabulary quickly with rich context examples while reading

Disclaimer: Users take their responsibility to learn new words from their selected reading context, verify provided meanings in the reading context, and adjust their daily goals upon their study pace and purposes for the most efficient outcome.